UAV Drone Community is what the name implies: about the drone community.

As more and more people get into drones, our goal is to provide helpful resources that allow you to improve your skills, make smarter buying decisions, or easily understand the drone laws you need to know. Whether you're a travel filmmaker, commercial drone pilot, or passionate about FPV, we try our best to provide you everything you need!

Meet the Team

Alan and Robert work with an incredible team of writers and drone pilots to bring you the best guides and reviews!

ALAN FORD (Co-founder, drone veteran)

Howdy, I'm Alan and I've been flying drones since 2015. What started off as a way to improve my photography has now evolved into a full-time passion. My first drone was the DJI Phantom 3 (which I still love!), but I've since added the DJI Inspire and DJI Mavic Air 2 to my arsenal. I made the leap in 2018 and got my Part 107 license and have flown a couple dozen gigs professionally.

Robert Nguyen (Co-founder, FPV addict)

Hi I'm Robert, and I've been building drones since 2017. Before I discovered drone building, I built model planes, RC cars, gunpla; if it came in a kit, I've built it. Somewhere along the line I realized my last 5 purchases were all drone kits and I was ADDICTED. Feel free to join me as I document my builds and help fund my addiction!